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Angels of Abundance 

Oracle Cards

by Doreen & Grant Virtue

This oracle is designed to assist the seeker in overcoming the mental barrier of "lack" or "poverty consciousness". This means "our beliefs, thoughts and habits [are] impeding our natural [ability to manifest] abundance. This oracle can "give us the strength to to heal harmful patterns such as debt and worry so that we can enjoy the steady flow of support that the Divine is continuously sending our way".   Published 2017. 

Archangel Oracle Cards

by Diana Cooper

"Angels are highly evolved spiritual beings. They are here right now to offer guidance, answer your questions, accelerate your ascension and bring balance, joy and peace. Each of the 44 cards in this beautiful deck shows a hand-painted archangel, angel or Seraphim. The glorious imagery and guidebook will inspire you to connect with these divine messengers and activate their teachings. ".  Published 2021. 

Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards

Receive Inspiration and Healing

from the Angelic Kingdoms

by Stewart Pearce

The first of two oracles created by Stewart Pearce, this spiritual masterpiece assists the seeker in connecting with the powerful Angelic Kingdoms as they connected to the Earth in the Golden Era of Atlantis, and are manifesting now in this New Golden Age. Published 2011. 

Angel Tarot Cards

by Doreen Virtue & 

Radleigh Valentine

Using the ancient structure of a Tarot Oracle, this set of cards utilizes Angels, Unicorns, and the natural elements of Fire, Earth and Water, Mermaids and Fairies to paint a picture of influencing factors in one's life, for guidance using these most positive and uplifting creations. Published 2012. 

Ascension Cards

Activate Your Journey to the Light

by Diana Cooper

"Each of the 52 cards offers a description of a specific ascension energy or Ascended Master, guidance on its use, and an affirmation to assist with the assimilation of the wisdom. With them, individuals and groups will be able to work with the gold and silver violet flame of transformation and raise the energy in themselves and others, call in unconditional love, and draw on the elements to bring hope, peace and love to the world. " Published 2012. 

Beyond Lemuria Oracle Cards

by Izzy Ivy

"Transform shadow into light, bridge duality and in heaven on earth through the practical and enlightening insight from Lemuria. Recall the past and glimpse the future. Expand your conscious awareness and behold the wonders of the greater world. This uniquely stunning deck from artist and author Izzy Ivy is infused with loving guidance, greater knowledge and encoded symbols to enliven the truth in you with the majesty of the Universe. " Published 2021. 

Crystal Angels Oracle Cards

by Doreen Virtue​

This beautiful and delicate oracle characterizes specific qualities of crystals and how they may highlight desirable aspects of your situation. Since crystals contain consciousness, it is easy for the angelic realms to communicate to you through their color vibrations and frequencies. Published 2017

The Healing Oracle

Crystal Healing Oracle Cards


by Rachelle Charman

The crystal Devas, the consciousness within each crystal, speak to us from their beautiful and pure hearts. This deck focuses on the powerful healing energies within each crystal, and which ones may be of use to the seeker at the time of the reading. The seeker is encouraged to obtain and meditate with these crystals for healing.  It is a great first step toward deep healing, clarity and  new beginnings. Published 2014. 

Crystal Mandala Oracle Cards 

Channel the Power of 

Heaven & Earth


by Alana Fairchild

This oracle focuses the combined frequencies of the devic crystals and their heavenly counterparts, the Archangels, Ascended Masters and God/Goddess archetypes, whcih are brought forth in specific healing messages for those who are seeking in-depth self-discovery and powerful, transformational guidance.  Published 2017. 

Dragon Oracle Cards


by Diana Cooper

Dragons are beautiful, wise, open-hearted etheric beings of the angelic realms who are sent here by Source to help and assist us. Their guidance can help us to clear lower energies, flow around challenging situation and inspire us in our life visions. Th 44 cards in this beautiful and unique deck will offer you advice about your daily life, your soul mission and how you can serve the planet. The Dragons are waiting for you to connect with them so that they can assist you on your spiritual path."  Published 2017. 

Lightworker Oracle

Guidance & Empowerment for those 

Who Love the Light

by Alana Fairchild

This author is clear that you do not need to be a lightworker in order to benefit from a reading using this deck. We are all Divine souls, having a human experience. We are at different stages in our development concerning the awareness of our inner being-ness. This deck helps a person connect with the Divine inner spark, and assists in any way the seeker may feel they need. Published 2017. 

Liquid Crystal Oracle

Return of the Atlantean Way

For the Children of Light

by Justin Moikeha Asar

One of the most sacred Oracles, this amazing Atlantean Oracle for the Children of Light is by far the most deeply encoded systems available. The richly imbued images and text can open portals into other dimensions, where precise healing information for the querent can be retrieved and utilized.  Used in conjunction with healing layouts (see dropdown page for Ancient Atlantean Crystal Healing).

Published 2010; 2016

Magical Mermaids & Dolphins

Oracle Cards

by Doreen Virtue

The beautiful feminine characters depicted in this deck playfully address the many variations of the Divine Feminine psyche. Whatever condition or state you may find yourself in, you will be pleasantly surprised at the simple yet profound accuracy this deck will offer, in contrast to the whimsical nature of the subject and artwork.  Published 2003. 

The Magic of Unicorns

Oracle Cards

by Diana Cooper

"Unicorns are beings of the angelic realms who are returning to Earth to aid us on our path to ascension. They bring messages of hope and remind us to stay positive as we prepare for a golden future. This stunning oracle deck will help you to meet your personal unicorn guide, embark on a spiritual path and work with the great energies of the universe on your ascension journey."  Published 2021. 

The Secret Language of Light

Transmissions From Your Soul


by Denise Jarvie

This deep, meditative and soul-growth oriented deck is inspired to take your awareness to deeper into your current life, the lessons presenting and the deeper soul message in reflection. It is recommended for those who have had a spiritual awakening and wish to open further. However, if you are drawn to this deck, by all means take a dive! Your soul is guiding you here! Especially well suited to the deep, reflective and eager seeker. Published 2019

The Sirian Starseed Tarot 

by Patricia Cori

If you identify with the notion that you are not from this planet, and have always been attracted to all things cosmic, then this is the perfect deck for you! The idea behind this presentation is that of evolution of the human spirit from intergalactic origin, come to Earth to learn about itself through the human experience. The suits are arranged as in a traditional tarot deck, but here we have a modified, more expansive depiction including crystals, chalices, orbs and flames as the 4 suits. The arcanum cards are elevated yet similar versions of the more familiar tarot. Published 2012

The Starseed Oracle

by Rebecca Campbell

"Have you always had a longing for home without really knowing what that meant? If so, you could be a Starseed Soul. This activating oracle will help you to unlock your soul gifts, connect with your cosmic origins, and remember who you truly are." Published 2020

Unicorn Cards

by Diana Cooper

This charming deck is simple yet profound in its messages. The Unicorns are very high frequency beings who left this planet at the Fall of Atlantis. According to Diana Cooper, they have returned as of the 1987 Harmonic Convergence of Planets, and again at the  2015 opening of the 9th dimensional Stargate of Lyra, along with Archangel Christiel. Published 2008. 

Work Your Light Oracle Cards

by Rebecca Campbell

This beautiful deck encompasses imagery from the ancient times of Earth and of other worlds. It focusses on development of spiritual gifts, so can be recommended for people willing to open themselves to world service. Nevertheless, if you feel drawn to this deck, engage as you wish! Follow your intuition. Usually this desire, to be of service, begins with clarifying relationship with self, then family, then the home/work life, then the world at large. The idea is to get focussed on your individual path to enlightenment, and clear all debris from it to ensure success. Published 2018. 

Yogic Path Oracle

by Sahara Rose

This deck comes from the Ancient Vedic Tradition and encompasses 5 suits: Spirituality, Ayurveda (physical body), Chakras (energy centers), Yoga (discipline of mind/body to reach perfected spirit), and Deities. You can imagine how rich the symbolism and history is behind the meanings of these cards.  If you feel drawn to this tradition, this is the deck for you! Published 2019. 


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