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Color and Energy Healing

As you look through this page, you will immediately experience a shift in your energetic field, and you will automatically be drawn to certain images here. This attraction is your intuition telling you there is something to be gained by you focussing on thaese particular energetic frequencies, or colors, that specifically have a connection to something within you that needs attention, and that is comforting and welcoming to you. This is your guidance within inviting you to leave behind the cares and worries of the physical realm, and imagine what it is that would allow you to feel more relaxed, grounded, stable, happy and pain free. Open your heart to allowing this energy to seep within your body, and see where it goes. Perhaps today there is a new lesson for you to learn about yourself, your role here on earth, and how you can heal and become more useful in the world, in your highest and best capacity. Allow your imagination to fly into the cosmic awareness that is yearning to penetrate your heart to heal you from the wear and tear of everyday life!

Clear Quartz - Crown Chakra

Universal Connection, Master Healing Stone

Emerald - Heart Chakra

Alchemical healing/Archangel Raphael

Healing With Crystals

There are many ways crystals can be utilized in healing. They can be used for grounding, or connecting, the human energy field to the earth to attain emotional stability; for clearing and balancing the human body energy centers, or Chakras; for expanding spiritual consciousness; and for supporting physical and psychological/mental, health. Immediately below is a Short List of Crystals.  Their healing properties are associated with their color rays, and those are listed further below. The healing process with crystals is an intuitive process. As one works with crystals, one begins to experience the subtle consciousnesses of each stone. An attraction between the crystal and the seeker is immediately felt upon eye contact with the stone.  As one holds the crystal, one feels the intuitive connection, if one is willing to open their heart and mind to this subtle energetic healing process.  This is the is the first step to entering into the mystical world of crystal healing. As one opens their consciousness to the power of Universal Creator energy, the more their feel empowered to lift themselves out of whatever difficulty they are experiencing. Conscious contact with this creator energy is enormously uplifting and energizing. This energy exists within all beings, and is ready to be tapped immediately as the seeker is willing to open into this intuitive, divine power within our hearts.  


Brief List of Crystals by Color Category & Chakra

Mother of Pearl

Purity, Expansion/Archangel Gabriel

Lemon Quartz

Intellect, Confidence - Archangel Jophiel

Orange Andara

Relationships, Family, Creativity, Sexuality

Black Tourmaline - Root/Base Chakra

Black Tourmaline

Grounding, Stabilizing

Black Opal

Intuition, Meditation, Mysticism/Archangel Raziel


Relationships, Family, Creativity, Sexuality


Moonstone, Quartz, Calcite, Selenite, Lepidolite, Topaz, Mother of Pearl and Beryl. (Crown Chakra/Stellar Gateway Chakra). 


Hematite, Agate, Black Tourmaline, Apache Tears, Tektite and Onyx. (Base/Roots Chakra).


Amethyst, Eudialyte.  (Crown Chakra)

Indigo/Dark Blue:

Indigo Gabbro, Sodalite, Indigo Aura Quartz, Tanzanite, Black Opal. (Third Eye Chakra) 


Blue Tiger's Eye, Azurite, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Calcite, Labradorite, Turquoise, Aqua Aura Quartz. (Throat Chakra) 


Chestnut Jasper, Garnet, Ruby, Red Tiger's Eye, Red Malachite, Red Jasper (Root Chakra) 


Pink Opal, Rose Quartz, Pink Tourmaline. (Heart Chakra).


Carnelian, Orange Calcite, Indian Sunset Turquoise, Sunstone, Orange Andara. 


Yellow Opal, Citrine, Yellow Jasper, Honey Calcite, Tiger's Eye, Lemon Quartz, Amber. 


Emerald, Green Fluorite, Chrysoprase, Jade, Green Malachite, Peridot. 


Integration, Comic Connection


Joy, Happiness, Self-Confidence


Unconditional Love, Emotional Healing, Protection/Archangel Chamuel

Aqua Aura Quartz

Communication, Self-Epression; Atlantis, Lemuria, Dolphin; Mother Mary/Archangel Michael

Rose Quartz

Unconditional Love, Gentleness, Hope/Mother Mary/Archangel Chamuel


Intergalactic Communication, Inner Wisdom


Confidence, Power, Intergalactic Communication, Radiance


Color in Crystals, Healing Properties and Associated Energy Centers (Chakras)


Stability, Courage, Love, Passion


Universal Connection, All-purpose Healing

Green Aventurine

Healing, Calming/Connects to Faerie/Avalonian/DragonElemental Realms

Blue Sapphire

Intuition, Cosmic Awareness, Intergalactic Communication - Archangel Michael

Smokey Quartz

Nature, Mother Earth, Nurturing, Stabilizing, Protection

Red Jasper

Courage, Bravery, Passion, Stability

Rainbow Aura Quartz

According to the book, "Crystals" by Jennie Harris,  there are 20 rays of color commonly associated with crystals. One can imagine that this list of color is general, because there are myriad colors in any given reflection or refraction of light.  See the list below for the characteristics and associations of these colors. Additional source for qualities is Lisa Powers, corse manual for Crystal Reiki Master healing certification. 


Earthy, grounding, nurturing, anchoring, strengthening, supporting, warming, sensual (Earth Chakra)


Vibrant, intense, energetic, challenging, strong, courageous, physical, active, conviction, exploration, self-worth. (Base/Root Chakra)


Warming, stimulating, anti-depressant, creative, high emotional, relational, attractive, sexuality,  cheerful,  upbeat, celebration, joy, pleasure, elevating emotions. (Sacral chakra). 


Bright, energizing, expansive, confident, decisive, cheerful, mental activity, intellect, concentration, enlightenment, optimism, realistic, warmth. (Solar Plexus, Stellar Gateway Chakra)


Optimistic, cheerful, new life, expansion, healing, energetic, dynamic, growth, youth, nature, renewal. (Solar Plexus/Heart Chakras)


Subtle, gentle, mystical, magical, cool, calming, soothing, etherial, Faerie realm. (Heart Chakra)


Growth, expansive, vibrant, healthy, healing, powerful, refreshing, renewing, nurturing, new beginnings, productivity, health. Archangel Raphael. (Heart Chakra)

Dark Green

 Cooling, calming, slow, steady, magnetic, grounding, stabilizing, supportive, relaxing, healing. (Heart Chakra)


Oceans, water, calming, stress-free, cleansing, relaxing, healing, soothing, nourishing, nurturing, loving communication. (Heart/Throat Chakras)

Pale Blue/Green

Higher frequency of the Blue/Green Ray, this subtler, gentler vibration connects many to unseen realms suggestive of Atlantis and Lemuria of ancient times. (Throat/Heart Chakra)

Pale Blue

Soft, expansive, cool, calming, soothing, spaciousness, openness, relaxing. (Throat Chakra)

Sapphire Blue

Heaven, Archangel Michael, royalty, self-expression, leadership, creativity, maturity, experience, judgement (sense), longevity, prestige. (Throat Chakra)

Dark Blue

Night sky, expansive, cosmic consciousness., trust, spiritual cleansing, maintaining beliefs, obedience, faith,  order, connecting with animals, sincerity, self-assurance. (Third Eye Chakra)

Dark Purple

Spirituality, higher consciousness, connection with the Divine, music, intuition, inspiration, trusting your heart. (Crown Chakra)

Light Purple

Calming, soothing, cleansing, transmutes negativity, freeing, renewing, elevating. (Crown Chakra)


Calming, soothing, cleansing, clarifying, nurturing. loving, compassionate, peaceful, innocence, spontaneity, joy, 

creativity, inner child, supportive, restful, relaxing. (Heart/Crown Chakra)


Loving, gentle, enveloping, connection, fruition, opening, healing, forgiving, contentment, romance, sensuality, processing loss. (Heart Chakra)


Moonlight, soft, subdued, cleansing, balancing. (Stellar Gateway Chakra)


Magnetic, attractive, self examination, grounding, dark, inner, passive, feminine principle cool, receptive, mystery, protection, security, transformation, release of self-doubt, Yin energy. (Base/Root Chakra)


Cleansing, purifying, elevating, illuminating, innocence, hope, freedom, cohesiveness, light, replenishing, restoring, positive, male principle, hot; aligns one's soul with Spirit, Yang Energy. (Crown Chakra, Stellar Gateway)


3rd Dimensional Chakra System 


5th Dimensional Chakra System 

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The Healing Power of Gems and Crystals

video below

The Healing Power of Gems and Crystals 

by James Tyberonn, 2013 


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