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The Enlightened Colors of the Aura and their Meanings 

Referencing once again the classic book by Barbara Martin, "Change Your Aura, Change Your Life", we have the enlightened colors of the Human Aura. "Enlightened colors are spiritual energies that we have attracted and earned as a result of our positive thoughts, actions and deeds. They express the spiritually attuned part of our nature. These energies have retained their divine essence and purpose, and are actively working to realize our spiritual potential. It is also with these positive energies that we are helped to transmute the darker [unenlightened] parts of our aura."


Purity, Illumination. Along with gold, white in an aura is considered one of the highest colors. It means purity. It symbolizes the Light of God bringing wisdom to humanity. Many spiritual attributes are connected with the white light. This energy, in any degree in the aura, unquestionably indicates a spiritual, often visionary, soul. Revelation is connected with white. A great deal of gentleness comes with this color as well. Pearl white represents kindness and. forgiving quality. The oyster white, which almost has a very light yellow in it, means the soul is steadfast and trying to learn hard lessons. Crystal white, the purest form of white, shows that the soul has acquired complete mastery; it represents the blending strength of courage, vitality, determination and perseverance. 


Wisdom, Courage. Gold is the color of wisdom, illumination, self-confidence, faith, inner strength and courage. It is also a very strong protective energy. If we have gold in our aura, we have the power, the will, that can master the lower self. We have the confidence of knowing who and what we are. We know what we can accomplish, what we can do. We move and act decisively. Gold brings in strong dynamic powers that can cut us loose from the mesmerism of feeling futile, frustrated and inadequate. 


Intelligence, Perception. Silver is. the energy of spiritual intelligence. Silver in the aura shows a person with keen powers of perception and a quick, alert mind. This person will think for himself and not let others do the thinking for him. I often see silver sparkles or diamond points of light moving around a person's head. 


Talent, Artistry. This color is often seen around a person who is in pursuit of spiritual truth, and is more or less a. royal blue. This individual, as a rule, will overcome all obstacles in the search for truth. Bright blue in the aura shows integrity, sincerity and natural wisdom. Often, someone with predominant blue is involved in science or the arts. Royal blue also means a very loyal, devoted person. Consider the expression "true blue." It shows honesty, good judgement in material affairs, and can signal a very religious soul. Madonna blue, a light but not quite powder blue, shows obedience and fulfillment of duties. This person obeys God's will. Primary blue is one of the strongest healing colors and is seen around doctors and healers. Aqua is also a very healing color, high in vibration. Along with violet, it can bring peace, and help quiet the nervous system. Peacock blue shows talents and abilities. Blue-purple indicates accomplishments with God's power. 

Powder Blue

Inspiration. This is a light blue and brings in high, creative inspiration. It is one of the pearl luster colors. In the aura, it shows an artistic person who loves beauty. Light blue shows devotion to noble ideals. Great artists will have powder blue strongly marked in their auras. 

Deep Rose/Pink

Love, Compassion. Pink is the color of love. Spiritual love comes in the shade of deep rose-pink. The pink is absolutely devoid of jealousy, selfishness, or any other human negative emotion. It is expressed with great beauty, and lives in the places of creation. Pink is a universal color expressing joy, comfort, compassion, human love, up-liftment and abundance. It comes through in many shades, from the high pearl luster to the fuscia and rose-red pinks. Crimson shows a natural, unpretentious loving nature. A pearl luster pink, which is a lighter shade than deep rose-pink, show's a soul's pure love for God. 


Balance, Harmony. Green is recognized as he color of growth and renewal. Emerald green expresses balance in an individual, and is a very important color to have. This individual has his or her life in order. Emerald green is also the color of harmony of mind, body and soul. It's seen in a person who, growing in knowledge, experiences harmony in many facets of life. It reveals one's love of nature and the outdoors. Pale, delicate green is sympathy. Apple green shows new spiritual growth and hope, loving service and cooperation. Green is restful to nerves, good for overcoming fear. Green-blue indicates a trustworthy, helpful nature. 


Motivation, Enthusiasm. This is a bright orange., like the fruit. The color orange means that the person has strong motivation, enthusiasm, and good organizational abilities. This energy can also show a burning desire or ambition. A very determined individual, one who almost always overcomes obstacles and meets his goals, will earn this color. Bright orange expresses thoughtfulness, consideration and soul energy. The person is a dynamic leader, a live wire. Golden Orange is wisdom and energy [Archangel Metatron], heightened mental and spiritual abilities, and self-control, - a high spiritual vibration not often seen. 


Vitality, Athleticism, Energy. This life is energy, especially ruby red. It radiates a lot of vitality. Red is a color that can also mean righteousness. It indicates and enthusiastic individual with high aspirations. It's the passion part of us. People with red in their aura have insights into other people, and they work well with others. Ruby red is usually physical vitality, endurance. Red invigorates the body. Rose red represents an active love; rose red and orange together help to create a glow of well-being, promoting a healthy outlook. These are predominantly strong and uplifting colors, bringing brightness and. feeling of warmth, a desire for living. Clear red is faithful; orange-red is a healing and. cleansing color. Coral is indecision, unhappiness in one's surroundings. Scarlet red can indicate egotism. Red-purple represents power of the body, and individual effort. 

Lemon Yellow

Powers of Concentration. This energy brings in powers of concentration. It deals with the intellect. People who have this color strongly in their auras may devote their entire life to the study of higher truths. They will be able to embrace a subject and stick with it until it is learned and mastered. Lemon yellow in the aura shows mental vigor in artistic, creative and scientific endeavors. Yellow, for example, will be seen in a schoolroom around children who are learning. Teachers, of course, have a great deal of yellow. Yellow represents s healthy body, mind, and intellect. It is beneficial in dispelling fear, worry and nervousness. Bright, optimistic people have the lemon yellow in their auras. Yellow and orange together can be very inspiring. 


Gentleness, Serenity. The person who has violet possesses an aura that is serene and calm. He or she expresses an inner and outer poise. This person is always willing to be of service to humanity. Violet brings in high spiritual power, true greatness, unselfish efforts. Violet offers mental protection. If the violet moves into a lavender, a worshipful character is revealed. Orchid, which is the lightly deeper shade, denotes humility and, as the first cousin to lavender, is holy and spiritual. 


Deep Peace. This color in a person's aura means deep peace.  Also, a person with purple in his or her aura is deeply religious in a mystical way. Yet, purple also expresses ability to deal with practical and worldly matters. Purple-indigo indicates that one is seeking spiritual power. 


Spiritual Strength. This color gives inspiration and deep inner strength of a spiritual nature. It i an extremely high color and seldom seen in mankind to any marked degree. One who has this color has come a long way, as it means he or she has awakened in the spirit self. It doesn't take much of this energy to have a powerful effect on the aura. Indigo-violet shows someone who is searching for a spiritual experience.  


Prosperity, Abundance. Turquoise is the energy of prosperity, and this means in all departments of our lives - an abundance of ideas, friends and material goods. It's a "good luck" energy. Turquoise holds us in the consciousness of wealth and freedom from limitation and restriction. A person with this energy in his or her aura thinks in unlimited terms and knows that the money or the resources will be there for them when they need it, even when the outside world appears to show the opposite. 


Layers of the Human Energy Field (Aura)

The chart above indicates the relationship between the 3rd Dimensional Chakra system and the Human Energy Field, more commonly referred to as the Human Aura. The energy centers, or chakras (Sanskrit) have a relationship to the electromagnetic field around the physical body. You will notice there are seven layers of energy denoted. Working in from the outer, the Ketheric, the most enlightened, corresponding to the seventh chakra, the Crown, it includes/comprehends all seven energies which are held in the Human Physical Body, the densest layer, corresponding the the 1st chakra, the Base/Root. All 7 bodies are held within the Etheric, or physical body. Source: 

7th Layer - Ketheric Template or Causal Body

This is the mental level of the spiritual plane (whereas the celestial body is the emotional level of the spiritual plane). This body contains all the other bodies within it and extends up to three and a half feet from the body, often in the shape of an egg. It's structure is made of  gold, or silvery-gold, and appears as a grid type structure, which is very durable. It pulsates and vibrates at a very high speed, and within this level we "know" we are one with God. This body also contains the main Kundalini force that runs up and down the body. Now while the Ketheric body is the last auric level in the spiritual plane, there are other planes (such as the Cosmic plane) but they do not relate to the aura, for they are beyond the aura and. different article entirely! 

6th Layer - Celestial Body 

This is the spiritual emotional plane where a person will feel things such as bliss, and spiritual ecstasy. When we reach the place of divine love, interconnectedness (generally through deep meditation) we are touching this plane, which is felt through the celestial body. When we raise our level of awareness, or consciousness, to the sixth level of the aura, we have allowed a connection to happen from the heart chakra and the celestial chakra. Through this, we can love not only our fellow man (the heart chakra) but do so with divine love (celestial chakra). The colors of this body are very soft in nature (pastel) and glow softly from the body. 

5th Layer - Etheric Template

This is what you would call a template for the lower template body (the first body referenced). This is the template that exists before the physical body is formed. Although this co-exists in a different dimension, it also extends to one and one half to two feet from the body and can only be seen by clairvoyants and very advanced healers. This is an important layer in healing if the lower etheric body becomes disfigured, as this is the true building block to the lower etheric. This template has a dark blue hue to it. 

4th Layer - Astral Body

This is the true bridge to the spiritual plane! When we start to work with this plane, and above, our perceptions and abilities leap from the physical to the subtle. Here we will begin to perceive energies that are not of this vibrational frequency. The body of the astral is composed of gorgeous clouds of color, which extend six inches to one foot from the body. Not only does it have the same colors of the rainbow like the emotional body, but a pink, or rose hue is often present with these colors, especially if the person is a loving one. The astral plane is also called the "emotional" plane, which ties strongly to the heart chakra and the second subtle body (the emotional body). Because it is so closely tied to the emotions, when people fall in love, great hues of pink can be seen shooting from their heart chakra. This is also why when we are in the astral, our emotions are greatly enhanced either way. When I am with my love in the astral, it is generally free of any lower body emotions, and our love is able to flow, without restriction. 

3rd Layer - Mental Body

With an even more subtle composition, the mental body hold our thoughts and mental processes. It extends three to eight inches from the body, and generally has a yellow light, which radiates around the head and shoulders, and extends to the body below. This yellow will brighten if a person is in deep thought, or concentrating on mental activities. Although the color associated with this body is yellow, other colors are evident if there is an emotion associated with the thought (stemming from the emotional body).

2nd Layer - Emotional Body

Since this is the emotional body, it is associated with feelings. It is more fluid in nature, and does not duplicate the body, as does the etheric body. This body is about one to three inches from the physical body. Unlike the etheric body, which is blue or grayish in nature, this is more like colored clouds that change color depending on what kind of emotions a person is going through. Love, joy, excitement, and even anger will result in very brilliant hues, whereas confused emotions will result in muddy tones. This body contains all the colors in the rainbow. 

1st Layer - Etheric Body

This is the closest energy body to the physical. It is what is made evident through Kirlian photography. The etheric body extends one quarter to two inches beyond the physical body and pulsates at about 15-20 cycles per minute. The entire body, including organs, can be perceived but it is made of a bluish (emotional) or gray light (highly active). 


The Expanded Chakras of the Evolving New Earth Crystalline Human 

The Twelve Chakra System

"Fifth dimensional chakras are an evolution of the better known third dimensional chakras, which relate to your physical body. Many believe humanity is experiencing a shift in consciousness from the third dimension into the fourth and fifth dimensions of spiritual awareness."  Since we travel between dimensions at any given time depending on our individual soul evolution levels, these frequencies shift as frequently as our thoughts do."

- The Archangel Guide to Enlightenment and Mastery, Living in the 5th Dimension, Diana Cooper and Tim Whild, Hay House, 2016 

According to the above referenced book, the 5th Dimensional chakras are associated with certain colors and  archangels and bear the following names: 

12 - Stellar Gateway Chakra 

"Archangel Metatron looks after the 12th chakra, which blazes golden orange light. When it is open, light from the universe will radiate into you." 

11 - Soul Star Chakra 

"This is where your soul energy is stored, including your ancestral and family karma. Archangel Mariel works with this magenta chakra to enable you to understand your soul more deeply."

10 - Causal Chakra 

"The first of the three transcendent chakras to awaken - it is above and to the back of your head. Archangel Christiel helps to anchor this chakra, which is pure shimmering white, and when opened, brings you great peace and comfort."

9 - Crown Chakra 

"Archangel Jophiel helps to develop this chakra, known as the Thousand Petal Lotus. At the fifth dimension, it becomes crystal clear and opens you up to the wisdom of the universe, like a blossoming flower. 

8 - Third Eye Chakra

 "Archangel Raphael works with this chakra to help remove the veils of illusion, just like a crystal ball, enabling you to see the world from a higher perspective."

7 - Throat Chakra 

"At the fifth dimensional frequency the Throat chakra, looked after by Archangel Michael, is royal blue. At this frequency you can safely say what you really feel, think and believe, as people will trust you. You will also be able to take mastery of your life and know who you are."

6 - Heart Chakra 

"Archangel Chamuel opens your heart to its deepest levels. All archangels link into the heart centre, which radiates pure white when it transitions into the fifth dimension, helping you to see the best in everyone, everything and act with love in all you do."

5 - Solar Plexus Chakra 

"Archangel Uriel looks after this chakra, absorbing lower emotions, strengthening confidence and bringing wisdom until this center radiates at a higher frequency. When it does, your Solar Plexus is a deep gold with rainbow flashes. "

4 - Navel Chakra 

"A glorious vibrant orange glows from this fifth dimensional chakra. Archangel Gabriel works here to enable you to radiate a warm, welcoming energy that lights other people up and brings harmony to you." 

3 - Sacral Chakra 

"At the fifth dimensional level, the Sacral chakra is a beautiful soft pink and radiates transcendent love. Guarded by Archangel Gabriel, this chakra helps you express love through sexuality. When the frequency of this chakra is raised, you will choose romantic partners wisely."

2- Base/Root Chakra

"In the fifth dimension, your Base chakra shimmers with platinum light and connects with the joy and wisdom of dolphin energy. Your material needs are automatically met. The pure white Archangel Gabriel rules this chakra, bringing clarity and confidence to your future."

1 - Earth Star Chakra 

"Your Earth Star chakra, below the feet, is your personal Garden of Eden, where potential for your lifetime is stored. Its colors are black and white. Archangel Sandalphon rules here, helping to connect you to the Earth. When this chakra is activated, you feel comfortable wherever you are."

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